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Welcome to Holistic Family Health - a clinic committed to health, harmony, balance and raising consciousness using cutting edge technologies which deliver results.

The clinic specialises in the field of energy and informational medicine using various modalities, including CoRe Inergetix, Reiki, EFT, Colour therapy, Numerology, Colourology, Counselling, Bio-energetic Balancing, Kinesiology and Holistic Life Coaching. Within those modalities, all aspects of nutrition and dietary health are addressed in a client specific way, which often leads to beneficial lifestyle changes. The clinic supports the individual through these changes to improved and optimised health.

The allopathic world of medicines, doctors, vets and pharmacy are inadequate in a world which is seriously out of balance. It is more important and effective to address imbalances internally than externally; and because we have collectively been focussing on applying balance to the symptoms – with medicines, drugs etc – we have actually caused a bigger imbalance.

We work with people, animals, companies, plants and all living organisms in various ways to help them to identify imbalances and then help them to regain balance, which is a natural state.