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Far Infra Red Sauna

Why have a Far Infra Red sauna??

What is the difference between Far Infra Red and a 'normal' sauna?

The F.I.R. experience is not your typical sauna experience; there is no need to remove clothing and there is not a great experience of external heat. One doesn't sweat as much as in a 'normal' sauna, and it is usually enough to wear layers which can be progressively peeled off. Some people prefer to wear a swimsuit.

Aids weightloss, clears toxins, relieves the specific benefits below - you may be surprised at how different a F.I.R sauna is from what you are used to.
With our sauna there are the extra benefits of combining therapies like a full spectrum light panel which is very beneficial for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - this lifts the mood at the simplest level, and prevents depression at a much deeper many sufferers will know.

We also have an integral CD player, giving you the opportunity to listen to therapeutic music or guided relaxation - so you can combine your sauna and meditation in one, or even learn a new language in the sauna........! Multitasking is the buzzword in our busy lives......!!

What else could you experience in the sauna??
How about a detoxifying foot spa? Or an aromatherapy or colour therapy sauna? Maximise the benefits so that it is precious time well spent......

We also offer gift vouchers - this can be the perfect surprise gift for your tired wife, or stressed husband, or thank you to a great friend.


To read more on the benefits of Far Infra Red Sauna and how it works click below :

Far Infra Red Sauna - How does it work and what are the Health Benefits?

Who should not use the sauna?

Sauna testimonials

Far Infra Red Sauna Pricelist

Drop in session                                                
(no pre-booking – phone/text/
come to clinic to check there is space)
Half hour session                                                 £20.00
2’s company package (2 people) £30.00
Trio package         (3 people) £40.00
Fully booked package (4 people)   £50.00
Delux detox package                                             
(footspa detox in sauna)
Aromatherapeutic sauna                                   
(blend of oils for your choice of detox,
rejuvenation, and relaxation)
Reiki sauna                                                              
(half hour sauna while receiving
half hour of reiki)
Massage sauna                                                     
(half hour head/neck/shoulders/
hands/feet massage in the sauna)

Get in touch with Holistic Family Health today to find out how the far infra red sauna can benefit you!